your own path
to finding your
true inner voice.

Healing Through Self-Discovery

Take a journey of self-discovery using dreamwork, meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, the Enneagram, self-awareness or journaling.

Michelle began her own journey several years ago with students of Don Miguel Ruiz and the Four Agreements in Toltec Practices, Dream Work, Meditation and Thoughtful Leadership.

She recently completed an international four year program and apprenticeship with Richard Groves at the Sacred Art of Living Center focusing on the common weave of spiritual practices and tools from around the world. Here she was trained in the art of the ancient practice of Anamcara (soul friend or one who walks the journey and is fully present with another) using the Enneagram, dreamwork, meditation, self-awareness and journaling.

Michelle has been trained in the art of Healing Touch, Reiki and Aromatherapy by known experts in the field.