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Nutrition and Fitness

Notes From Michelle:

Over 90% of our chronic diseases (Heart, lung, bowel, arthritis, Alzheimer’s) today are due to inflammation of the body caused by what we eat, drink, lack of movement, emotional and spiritual distress. In other words=dis-ease! Over time, daily emotional and spiritual distress often manifest physically. In other words we are directly affected by our lifestyle choices! Living a healthier life will not guarantee that you will not get sick or develop a disease. Given the proper foundation and support, your body will be able to function closer to an optimal state and stronger despite the illness or disease.

My passion is to make a difference in the lives of others by using my expertise and knowledge in providing practical and easy to use information on health and wellness. I will guide you in setting realistic health related goals and action steps to achieve optimal health at any age! We all may be getting older but that does not mean we have to settle with getting old. There are simple things that you can do every day to improve and maintain a high quality of life.

Basic Principles


I have several options and tools to fit your individual goals that will result in desired outcomes. One of the tools I use and co-authored is the Changing Your Life Program- a easy step by step way to develop, achievable, realistic and measurable goals. And see results! The other co-author of Changing Your Life Program is Michelle Morey, owner of SolRunner, who specializes in performance training

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